Student Hostel Support Scheme

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All state schools


​A program of recurrent and capital assistance for non-government school term student hostels operating in rural and remote areas of Queensland and accommodating geographically isolated students.​


​Student Hostel Support Scheme assists non-government, rural community based school term student hostels which provide accommodation for primary and secondary students and students with disabilities who are geographically isolated from their nearest schools with the required year level.

Access to funding is dependent on approval to receive funding provided by the Director-General of Education, Training and the Arts in accordance with General Funding Conditions.

Student Hostel Support Scheme Recurrent Grant assists with operating costs and is not designed to offset hostel fees paid by parents. It is strongly recommended that 40% of the Recurrent Grant be spent on pastoral care.

Rates of payment vary from year to year. Hostels suffering temporary periods of low enrolment (fewer than 8 eligible students) automatically access a minimum Recurrent Grant equating to 8 eligible students until enrolments increase or while the hostel continues to retain approval to receive funding.

Student Hostel Support Scheme Capital Grant is designed to assist with capital costs such as major renovations/maintenance and establishment of new hostels.

Items for which subsidy is available include the following types of projects:

  • purchase of land where land and erection of hostel building(s) are part of the same project; 
  • construction of student hostel building(s);
  • purchase of land and buildings and conversion of premise for use as a student hostel (as one project);
  • purchase and replacement of furniture and equipment appropriate for the number of students to be accommodated;
  • renovations associated with meeting the accommodation needs of students with disabilities; 
  • large maintenance and refurbishment projects costing in excess of $2 000.00 each (for example, re-roofing); and
  • consultant's fees (for example, legal and architectural).


​Student hostels:

  • apply for and maintain funding approval from the Director-General of Education, Training and Employment
  • complete claim forms for recurrent and capital assistance under Student Hostel Support Scheme
  • account for funds received.

School Financial Services Unit:

  • assesses applications for funding approval status and arranges funding approval of hostels 
  • processes payments under Student Hostel Support Scheme funds to student hostels
  • undertakes regular accountability visits of hostels with funding approval
  • maintains Student Hostel Support Scheme budget
  • maintains relevant statistics regarding student hostels.

Manager, School Financial Services Unit:

  • approves payments under Student Hostel Support Scheme 
  • approves Student Hostel Support Scheme Capital Grant applications
  • approves carry-over of Capital Grant projects from one year to the next under special circumstances
  • considers increases in quoted costs up to 10% for Capital Grant projects which have occurred between the original application and acceptance of the funding offer, subject to the availability of funds.

Director-General of Education, Training and Employment:

  • grants funding approval for hostels in terms of the General Funding Conditions
  • withdraws funding approval for hostels which no longer meet the general funding conditions.

Minister for Education, Training and Employment:

  • approves policy governing the Student Hostel Support Scheme.


​Please see above in Responsibilities.

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