Financial Management current procedures

These procedures help ensure compliance with financial policy in accordance with relevant legislation and approved departmental procedures.

Interim arrangements as we transition to a redeveloped register

A project has been initiated to improve the register's user friendliness and functionality.
The redesigned register will provide a contemporary approach to store, search, navigate and access departmental policies and procedures.
In the interim, as new policies and procedures are being developed with a revised content structure, they can be accessed from the table below.
​Procedure ​Implementation date ​Scope ​Version ​Related policy
Budget development and management ​26/07/2019 ​Department-wide ​1.0 Budget development and management
Catering and hospitality( ) ​24/04/2019 ​Department-wide ​2.0

​Appropriate and ethical use of public resources​

Credit ​17/10/2018 ​Department-wide ​1.0 ​Nil
Domestic travel 15/05/2019 ​Refer to procedure ​2.0 ​Nil
Donations and bequests ​17/10/2018 ​Department-wide ​1.0 ​Nil
Management of salary related overpayments ​19/06/2018 ​Refer to procedure ​3.0 ​Nil
Financial Management - 8 procedures found.
ProcedureAscendingImplementation DateScopeVersion
Budget development and management26-07-2019 Department-wide 1.0
Catering and hospitality24-04-2019 2.0
Credit17-10-2018 Department-wide 1.0
Domestic travel15-05-2019All departmental employees and non-Queensland Government employees travelling within Australia on behalf of, and at the expense of, the department.2.0
Donations and bequests17-10-2018 Department-wide 1.0
Management of salary related overpayments19-06-2018Department-wide (including current and former employees)3.0
Receipt of Gifts and Benefits by Employees of the Department 08-12-2015 Department-wide 3.0
Student Hostel Support Scheme09-07-2012 All state schools 2.0