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To provide the procedure that must be followed when buying goods and services from suppliers external to the department and funded by departmental or school bank accounts, regardless of the source of those funds including, for example, funds from ​students, parents and fundraising. This also applies to any purchasing and procurement decisions made on behalf of school communities, for example, school uniforms. This procedure covers Capital Works and Infrastructure, but excludes real property transactions.​​​​​


The department’s Purchasing and Procurement procedure details the requirements for conducting purchasing and procurement activities in accordance with the six principles of the Queensland Procurement Policy​ (QPP).


The Director-General is responsible for assigning Purchasing or Procurement authorities to nominated positions and appropriately trained officers.
Purchasing delegates and Procurement delegates
Purchasing delegates and Procurement delegates, as specified in the department’s Purchasing and Procurement Delegations (link available to DET employees only), are responsible for ensuring that all activities associated with buying goods and services comply with Government and Department purchasing and procurement policy and procedural requirements. 

Expenditure delegates
Expenditure delegates, as specified in the department's Finance and administration delegations (link available to DET employees only), are responsible for approving the expenditure for supply of goods or services ensuring the goods or services meet an identified need, funds are available and compliance with all relevant legislative requirements and departmental policies.
Departmental Staff
In sourcing goods and services, staff who are responsible for conducting purchasing and procurement activities are required to comply with this procedure and the department’s requirements as outlined below.


All externally sourced goods and services are to be purchased under the following process requirements with guidance provided in the Purchasing and Procurement Instructions:

  1. ​​Supply Arrangement (link available to DET employees only) – Where a department or whole-of-Government supply arrangement is available and meets the purchase requirements, goods or services are to be sourced under the supply ​arrangement. These arrangements use established terms and conditions which simplify the purchasing process, and use the department’s/g​overn​ment's buying power to obtain prices that deliver value for money; or
  2. Request for Quotation Process (link available to DET employees only) – Where a supply arrangement is not available to meet the purchase requirements, the goods or services are to be sourced in accordance with the department’s minimum quotation requirements.

An Alternate Sourcing Strategy (link available to DET employees only) may be used where the best strategy to meet the purchase requirements is to seek less than the minimum quotations prescribed in the Request for Quotation Process.  This does not preclude the need to consider risk, seek written quote/s and evaluate offer/s to ensure value for money. Approval by an appropriate purchasing or procurement delegate must be obtained prior to seeking quote/s and forming an agreement.

A Genuine Urgency situation may occur where there is a real or highly probable health, safety, security or business continuity risk which must be fulfilled within a very limited timeframe.  In these instances:

  • The Purchasing and Procurement Delegations allow a School Principal or SES Officer to approve a “genuine urgency” situation and a consequential specific and limited time frame for conducting a purchasing or procurement activity.
  • There may be insufficient time to conduct the normal Request for Quotation Process or there may be only one or a very limited number of suppliers who can provide the goods or services by the critical supply date. In such cases, a Purchasing Delegate up to and including $20,000 or a Procurement Delegate up to the financial limit of their delegation may bypass the normal Request for Quotation Process in order to meet the critical delivery time frame.
  • As in all purchasing and procurement activities, documentation justifying the purchasing or procurement decision should be filed with the purchase documents using either the Approval of a Genuine Urgency (PF007) form or a written explanation. 

Purchase of Textile Clothing and Footwear

Purchases of textile clothing and footwear are to comply with the Government’s textile clothing and footwear code of practice​.

Where a purchase of textile clothing and footwear is not made from a Government or Department contract, details of the purchase must be reported to the Queensland Treasury by 31 August for each financial year. The (PF011​) form may be used for this purpose.


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In the department Purchasing’ refers to the activities associated with buying goods and services up to the value of $100,000 excluding GST.  This may also include buying goods and services valued over $100,000 when purchased from a department or government supply arrangement or contract.

In the department Procurement refers to the activities associated with sourcing goods and services over the value of $100,000 excluding GST.  This includes the establishment of standing offer, preferred supplier or pre-qualified supplier arrangements.