Legal and Governance current procedures

Procedures relating to the processes and structures that enable the department to comply with its legal requirements (including common law, legislation, codes and standards) and for the department to administer its responsibilities and the powers granted to it.

Legal and Governance Procedures - 16 procedures found.
ProcedureAscendingImplementation DateScopeVersion
Agistment of livestock23-05-2017 All state schools 2.0
Applying for Leave combined with Official International Travel09-07-2012 Department-wide 3.0
Conflict of Interest10-10-2017 Department-wide 1.1
Customer complaints management07-01-2020 Department-wide 2.1
Customer complaints management - Internal review07-01-2020 Department-wide 1.1
Customer complaints management - Managing unreasonable complainant conduct07-01-2020 Department-wide 1.0
Developing a business continuity plan12-10-2018 Department-wide 4.0
Enterprise risk management06-02-2020 Department-wide 7.3
Hostile People on School Premises, Wilful Disturbance and Trespass28-01-2015 All state schools 3.0
Implementing a business continuity plan12-10-2018 Department-wide 1.0
Intellectual property and copyright use11-02-2020 Department-wide 4.2
Legislative compliance 20-04-2020 Department-wide 3.2
Managing delegations, authorisations and administrative approvals25-01-2018 Department-wide 4.0
Policy and procedure development and improvement cycle18-05-2018 Department-wide 1.0
Reporting contact with lobbyists17-07-2018 Department-wide 3.0
Reporting fraud and corruption04-02-2020 Department-wide 2.2