Half Kilometric Allowance

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All state schools


​Half kilometric allowance is an arrangement that compensates state school teachers unable to find suitable accommodation within a reasonable travelling distance of the location at which they are employed. Compensation is made in the form of a kilometric allowance for distance travelled. The allowance is paid for excess travel only.


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  • is aware of the criteria for eligibility for half kilometric allowance, and follows the required process to apply for this concession as detailed in this procedural policy.  

Regional Office:

  • follows the required process for approval of applications for half kilometric allowance as detailed in this procedural policy.


​Eligibility for concession


  1. submits completed and certified statutory declaration, application for authority to claim kilometric allowance form and/or kilometric allowance claim form to the regional office during the semester to which the claim refers
  2. undertakes, by way of statutory declaration, to:
    • have actively sought suitable accommodation at the centre of employment within reasonable travelling distance of that location
    • continue to actively seek suitable accommodation within reasonable travelling distance of work location
    • make application for tenancy of suitable Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) accommodation closer to work should it become available during period of approval, and
    • provide evidence from local real estate agents that currently no suitable accommodation is currently for rent within reasonable travelling distance of work location, and that they remain on waiting lists with agents for suitable accommodation.

Ineligibility for concession

State school teachers are ineligible to claim half kilometric allowance if any of the following circumstances apply: 

  • teacher or spouse/partner owns a residence within reasonable travelling distance of place of employment
  • teacher or spouse/partner chooses a place of residence not within definition of reasonable travelling distance of work location when suitable accommodation at the centre of employment within reasonable travelling distance is available
  • spouse/partner is established in full-time employment at centre in which their accommodation is located
  • teacher is transferred to the area at their request
  • teacher, on promotion, or on relocation to promotional position and could reasonably have been expected to be aware that suitable accommodation was not available within reasonable travelling distance of place of employment, and
  • where suitable DETE accommodation is available for the teacher’s use at the centre or within reasonable travelling distance (definitions) of place of employment and teacher chooses not to apply for tenancy.

An approval to pay half kilometric allowance will be rescinded if accommodation situation changes and no longer meets criteria to receive payment, or if it is found that the teacher has not continued to actively seek suitable accommodation through local channels.

Approval of concession

Regional Office: 

1. checks investigates and approves application for up to a maximum period of one school year only

2. forwards approval letter to applicant advising:

    • distance for which approval is given
    • approved rate of payment
    • when claims are to be submitted, and
    • teacher’s obligation to advise regional office of any change to the circumstances which led to the approval being provided.

3. reviews the concession after one school year and every 12 months from that date, where applicable.

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​Reasonable travelling distance

Reasonable travelling distance is defined as 30 kilometres from the teacher’s place of residence, or from the post office of the nearest accommodation centre where it could reasonably be expected that the teacher could obtain suitable accommodation, to the place of their employment, whichever is the lesser. This distance then becomes the statutory distance each way for which the half kilometric allowance is not paid. Travel must be by the shortest, practicable route.

Suitable accommodation
Accommodation which, in the opinion of the regional office, is considered suitable for occupancy by the teacher. In determining suitability, the regional office takes into account the weekly rent, the condition and location of the accommodation, the teacher’s age, sex and marital status, and the number and ages of persons residing with the teacher. Consideration may also be given to any other issue the regional office considers to be relevant.