Leave Entitlements for Employees

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​Provides employees and managers with information about leave entitlements and choices available when determining or approving type of leave intending to, or entitled to, take.


​This procedure has been developed to aid in the management of planned and unplanned employee absenteeism in accordance with the relevant industrial instruments and directives as issued by the Publi​c Service Commission and Minister for Industrial Relations.

Leave is granted based on the following principles:

  • All leave taken by departmental staff is to be authorised by the delegated authority. If a staff member is absent from work, and cannot be contacted, or if there are reasons for not accepting the explanation of a staff member who has been absent, the circumstances should be reported in writing to the Human Resource Manager, Regional Office or Manager, Workforce Review, Central office, who will initiate an appropriate response. Managers, supervisors and principals should take all reasonable steps to contact absent staff and to clarify the circumstances of the absence before referring the matter.
  • Even though an employee has an entitlement to a particular type of leave, planned leave (Recreation, Long Service, Special Leave) shall always be subject to the circumstances of the particular situation and will be taken at departmental convenience.
  • If departmental circumstances so require, an employee can be recalled from Recreation, Long Service or Special Leave, or the granting of any such leave can be cancelled. In such cases, an employee submits an amended leave application so that their leave record accurately reflects the period of leave actually taken.
  • If an employee is rostered to work a specific number of hours on a day and they are absent from duty on that day or for part of it, the employee's leave account is reduced by the number of hours that they were rostered to work but did not work.
  • Generally, entitlements of part-time employees to various forms of leave are calculated on a pro-rata basis.



  • Education staff to submit their application on the appropriate Education form
  • are not required to submit leave applications for Bereavement Leave, Natural Disaster Leave or leave for members of the State Emergency Service attending emergency situations unless requested.
  • submit leave applications in advance and with sufficient time to allow approval and verification of entitlement processes to be completed prior to the leave commencing.
  • advise their manager or supervisor of an address or telephone number where they can be contacted whilst on leave.
  • report to their immediate supervisor, as soon as practicable, if they are prevented, for any reason, from attendance at work or performing their duties advising of the reason of the absence, their expected return date and to maintain contact if the situation changes.
  • who resume duty after any type of leave without pay in excess of 9 working days are required to advise they have resumed duty by:
  • who work part-time should submit the appropriate CMA form after 2 calendar weeks or more without pay.

Principals and Managers:

  • ensure that employee entitlements to Bereavement Leave, Natural Disaster Leave or leave for members of the State Emergency Service attending emergency situations are effectively managed.
  • approve leave on the basis that it is believed that the request is genuine, and that the leave applied for is appropriate in the circumstances. 
  • refer to the Delegations (DET employees only) pages on One Portal to determine categories of leave which they may approve.
  • track employee leave time to ensure that it does not accrue to an unmanageable amount.

Processing Officer:

  • Verify actual leave entitlements of employees.
  • Input leave application data into the human resource system and check computations.


​The step by step process for this procedure is listed by role under Responsibilities, with considerations to be taken into account for decision-making.

Additional content will be included in this section following the next scheduled review of this procedure.

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Employees who have access to MyHR Employee Self Service should submit leave applications through the MyHR Self Service Portal.

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