Human Resources current procedures

These procedures provide information on processes relating to employee entitlements and recruitment and employment arrangements.

Interim arrangements as we transition to a redeveloped register

A project has been initiated to improve the register's user friendliness and functionality.
The redesigned register will provide a contemporary approach to store, search, navigate and access departmental policies and procedures.
In the interim, as new policies and procedures are being developed with a revised content structure, they can be accessed from the table below.

​Procedure ​Implementation date ​Scope ​Version Related policy
Annual school banding and position classification for principals and heads of special education services (HOSES) ​14/06/2018 ​All state schools ​3.0 ​Nil
​Bypass schools ​11/12/2017 ​Department-wide ​4.0 ​Nil
Cashing out annual/recreation leave ​11/09/2017 ​Refer to procedure ​1.0 ​Nil
Complaints involving the 'public official' (Director-General)​ ​27/04/2017 ​Department-wide ​1.0 ​Nil
Criminal history check ​11/06/2018 ​Refer to procedure ​4.0 ​Nil
Health, safety and wellbeing committees ​07/06/2018 ​Department-wide ​5.0 ​Nil
Management of salary related overpayments ​19/06/2018 ​Refer to procedure ​3.0 ​Nil
Managing and completion of mandatory all-staff training ​13/06/2018 ​Refer to procedure ​1.0 ​Nil
Managing employee complaints ​08/06/2018 ​Department-wide ​3.0 ​Managing employee complaints
Managing first aid in the workplace ​01/06/2018 ​​Department-wide ​4.0 ​Nil
Living Away from Home Allowances Scheme (LAFHAS) ​11/12/2017 ​Refer to procedure ​5.0 ​Nil
Recognition of prior service - teachers ​13/06/2018 ​Refer to procedure ​4.0 ​Nil
Relinquish from position ​15/06/2018 ​Refer to procedure ​3.0 ​Nil
​Transfer at level ​08/06/2018 ​Refer to procedure ​2.1 ​Nil
Unattach from position ​15/06/2018 ​Refer to procedure ​4.0 ​Nil
Human Resources - 45 procedures found.
ProcedureAscendingImplementation DateScopeVersion
Annual school banding and position classification evaluation for principals and heads of special education services (HOSES)14-06-2018 All state schools 3.0
Applying for Leave combined with Official International Travel09-07-2012 Department-wide 3.0
Approved Teaching Qualifications for the Purpose of Progression through the Salary Barrier10-04-2013TAFE Institutions2.1
Bus and Playground Duty for Teacher Aides05-12-2014 All state schools 2.1
Bypass schools11-12-2017 Department-wide 4.0
Cashing out annual/recreation leave11-09-2017Refer to procedure1.0
Communication Allowance for Teacher Aides09-07-2012 All state schools 2.0
Complaints involving the 'public official' (Director-General)27-04-2017 Department-wide 1.0
Criminal history check11-06-2018All Department of Education employees (excluding classroom teachers, school leaders and heads of programs) and individuals applying for employment with the department.4.0
Deferred Salary Scheme09-07-2012 All state schools 2.0
Employee Separation and Withdrawal of Notices to Cease Employment25-10-2017 Department-wide 1.3
Employees Requiring Placement09-07-2012 Department-wide 2.0
Entitlements of Officers on Transfer or Appointment23-07-2014 Department-wide 2.1
Half Kilometric Allowance09-12-2014 All state schools 2.1
Leave Entitlements for Employees25-02-2015 Department-wide 2.4
Living Away from Home Allowances Scheme (LAFHAS)11-12-2017This procedure applies to Finance and Human Resources (HR) teams involved in the processing of Living Away from Home Allowances Scheme (LAFHAS) applications.5.0
Management and Supervision of School Based Itinerant Staff09-07-2012 All state schools 2.0
Management of salary related overpayments19-06-2018Department-wide (including current and former employees)3.0
Management of Secondments - Teachers24-09-2015 All state schools 2.1
Management of the Teacher Relief Scheme (TRS)24-10-2013 All state schools 2.1