Human Resources current procedures

These procedures provide information on processes relating to employee entitlements and recruitment and employment arrangements.

Human Resources - 40 procedures found.
ProcedureAscendingImplementation DateScopeVersion
Applying for Leave combined with Official International Travel09-07-2012 Department-wide 3.0
Approved Teaching Qualifications for the Purpose of Progression through the Salary Barrier10-04-2013TAFE Institutions2.1
Bus and Playground Duty for Teacher Aides05-12-2014 All state schools 2.1
Classification (Streaming) Information on Principal and other Promotional Teaching Positions27-03-2014 All state schools 2.1
Communication Allowance for Teacher Aides09-07-2012 All state schools 2.0
Criminal History Checks05-03-2014 Department-wide 3.2
Deferred Salary Scheme09-07-2012 All state schools 2.0
Employee Separation and Withdrawal of Notices to Cease Employment05-02-2015 Department-wide 1.2
Employees Requiring Placement09-07-2012 Department-wide 2.0
Entitlements of Officers on Transfer or Appointment23-07-2014 Department-wide 2.1
Half Kilometric Allowance09-12-2014 All state schools 2.1
Leave Entitlements for Employees25-02-2015 Department-wide 2.4
Management and Supervision of School Based Itinerant Staff09-07-2012 All state schools 2.0
Management of Salary Related Overpayments09-07-2012 Department-wide 2.0
Management of Secondments - Teachers24-09-2015 All state schools 2.1
Management of the Teacher Relief Scheme (TRS)24-10-2013 All state schools 2.1
Managing Employee Complaints05-08-2016 Department-wide 2.1
Managing Unsatisfactory Performance - Heads of Program, Heads of School, Assistant Principals and Deputy Principals11-02-2013 All state schools 1.0
Managing Unsatisfactory Performance - Principals09-07-2012 All state schools 2.0
Managing Unsatisfactory Performance - State School Teachers15-02-2013 All state schools 1.1