School Cleaners Emergency Call Out

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All state schools


​The purpose of this procedure is to clearly outline the obligation and responsibility of a school cleaner who voluntarily agrees to attend the workplace for emergency circumstances.


​A cleaner can be asked to attend work for emergency circumstance call outs, outside ordinary working time on a voluntary basis.

A cleaner will be asked to formally indicate a preparedness to undertake call out duties as outlined in this procedure.

Cleaners attending the workplace for an emergency circumstance call out will be paid overtime rates in accordance with the Employees of Queensland Government Departments (Other Than Public Servants) Award - State 2012 and Directive 07/13 - Hours, Overtime and Excess Travel or any subsequent award that may replace the aforementioned.



  • meet the alarm responding agent or repair contractor outside the front of the school grounds and are not to enter the school grounds unless directed to do so by the alarm responding agent or in the case of repair agents, other suitable arrangements have been made
  • do not directly attend to an emergency circumstance without alarm responding agents being present. For example: Cleaners shall not attempt to physically apprehend a break-in suspect. Cleaners shall not attempt to extinguish a fire that is past the initial stage and must ensure that fire fighting is always secondary to the safety of people
  • comply with School Security 
  • complete the claim for payment additional cleaning form (DETE employees only) for permanent, part-time and temporary cleaners
  • complete the payment schedule - casual cleaner form (DETE employees only) for casual cleaners.

Delegated Officer: 

  • authorise payment if satisfied the cleaner attended the emergency circumstance call out.
  • clearly mark forms with ‘School to pay’
  • fax the form to the Cleaners Payroll Team on (07) 3220 6048 or email


​The step by step process for this procedure is listed by role under Responsibilities.

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Emergency circumstances

  • may include, but are not limited to:
    • damage to property arising from fires or severe weather
    • break-in or other unlawful activity
    • resecuring property following an after-hours school event.

Alarm responding agents

  • should be restricted to: 
    • State Government Security Service
    • licensed security providers
    • Queensland Fire and Rescue Service
    • Queensland Police Service.


  • means any school cleaner employed by Education Queensland, whether engaged on a permanent, temporary or casual capacity and whether employed on a full time or part time basis.

Delegated Officer

  • means the Principal or an employee delegated with the relevant authority by the Principal.