Workforce Management current procedures

These procedures provide information on responsibilities and processes for the management of the DET workforce and the resolution of workplace issues, to achieve a productive workplace.

Interim arrangements as we transition to a redeveloped register

A project has been initiated to improve the register's user friendliness and functionality.

The redesigned register will provide a contemporary approach to store, search, navigate and access departmental policies and procedures.

In the interim, as new policies and procedures are being developed with a revised content structure, they can be accessed from the table below.​

​Procedure ​Implementation date ​Scope ​Version ​Related policy
Continuing education accelerated advancement (qualifications) entitlement ​13/11/2019 ​All state schools ​1.0 Nil​
​Emergency call out entitlements ​13/02/2019 ​All state schools ​1.0 ​Nil
Hours of Work, Accrued Time Off and Timesheet Arrangements for Non School Based Public Servants​​ ​​27/11/2017 ​Department-wide ​5.0 ​Nil
Making and managing a public interest disclosure ​18/06/2018 ​Department-wide ​3.0 ​Nil
Managing employee complaints ​08/06/2018 ​Department-wide ​3.0 Managing employee complaints
Working with Children Check - Blue Cards ​08/01/2019 ​All state schools ​3.4 ​Nil