Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing current procedures

These procedures provide guidance to implement practices which provide safe, supportive and healthy working and learning environments for DoE workers and other persons involved in DoE activities.
Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing - 18 procedures found.
ProcedureAscendingImplementation DateScopeVersion
Annual safety assessment10-03-2020 Department-wide 1.0
Health and safety advisors15-01-2019 4.4
Health, safety and wellbeing committees07-06-2018 Department-wide 5.0
Health, safety and wellbeing incident management08-10-2018This procedure applies to all employees of the Department of Education (the department).1.0
Ill Health Retirement15-12-2017 Department-wide 2.3
Infection control29-01-2015 Department-wide 2.2
Maintenance of areas outside the school grounds20-06-2018 All state schools 1.0
Management of Staff Independent Medical Examinations07-11-2013 Department-wide 2.3
Managing first aid in the workplace01-06-2018 Department-wide 4.0
Managing manual tasks10-03-2020 Department-wide 1.0
Managing risks with chemicals in Department of Education workplaces15-01-2019 Department-wide 3.3
Manual tasks – assisting students with physical impairments 15-01-2019 Department-wide 4.1
Notice of Further Consideration (Health Reasons)11-04-2014 Department-wide 2.3
Occupational violence prevention23-10-2018 Department-wide 1.0
Reasonable adjustments04-10-2018 Department-wide 4.0
School alerts27-05-2019 All state schools 1.1
Workplace Health and Safety Representatives09-07-2012 Department-wide 3.0
Workplace Rehabilitation06-08-2013 Department-wide 4.2