Information and Technologies current procedures

The IT procedures refers to the development or acquisition, testing and implementing applications and databases to support the department's business needs to capture, store, retrieve, transfer, communicate, and disseminate information through automated systems. This includes evaluating software and hardware and acquiring, tendering, leasing, licensing, and disposing of systems. Also includes communication network systems such as videoconferencing, voice mail, and email and the technical aspects of the internet, intranet and web sites.

It further provides the requirements for effective management of information such as records, data and information assets.​

Interim arrangements as we transition to a redeveloped register

A project has been initiated to improve the register's user friendliness and functionality.

The redesigned register will provide a contemporary approach to store, search, navigate and access departmental policies and procedures.

In the interim, as new policies and procedures are being developed with a revised content structure, they can be accessed from the table below.

​Procedure ​Implementation date ​Scope ​Version ​Related policy
​Information asset and recordkeeping​
14/05/2018 ​Department-wide ​1.1 ​Nil
Information privacy and right to information ​04/10/2017 ​Department-wide ​1.0 ​Nil
​Information security ​04/10/2017 ​Department-wide ​1.0 ​Nil
​Non-departmental ICT service providers ​04/10/2017 ​Department-wide ​1.0 ​Nil
​Use of ICT systems ​22/08/2018 ​Department-wide ​1.1 ​Nil
​Use of mobile devices​ ​04/10/2017 ​Department-wide ​1.0 ​Nil
Information and Technologies - 6 procedures found.
ProcedureAscendingImplementation DateScopeVersion
Information Asset and Recordkeeping14-05-2018 Department-wide 1.1
Information Privacy and Right to Information04-10-2017 Department-wide 1.0
Information Security04-10-2017 Department-wide 1.0
Non-departmental ICT Service Providers04-10-2017 Department-wide 1.0
Use of ICT systems22-08-2018 Department-wide 1.1
Use of mobile devices04-10-2017 Department-wide 1.0