Management of Caravans and Camping on Queensland School Sites

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All state schools


​To provide guidance to school principals on operational considerations in relation to caravan and camping activities on Queensland school sites.


​The purpose of this procedure is to provide guidance to school principals on operational considerations in relation to caravan and camping activities on Queensland school sites. School Principals are permitted to use their discretion to allow community use of school facilities for purposes consistent with educational objectives of the school, including the use of school grounds for caravans and camping during school holiday periods.

Community use of school facilities provide benefits including:

  • closer links between schools and community groups
  • promoting a positive image of the school within the community
  • integrating the school as part of the community
  • providing scope for additional revenue sources for the school
  • enabling access to facilities that may not be available to the community
  • providing improved security at high-risk times.

Principals are required to make an assessment of the overall benefit of community use versus impacts on school facilities, staff resources and community reputation, before approving access to the school site. Where Principals allow caravans and campers to use school sites, ensure all operational requirements are met (see Checklist for Principals)

The security and care of school premises is a primary concern where school facilities are used by the community. The Management of Caravans and Camping on Schools Sites: Brief provides specific guidelines for the school site and will be provided to users before entry to the school site. An Agreement to Hire Facilities has been developed to protect the interests of Education Queensland and to formalise the use of school facilities by the community. Education Queensland is regarded as the Licensor, and the Principal can sign this agreement on behalf of the Minister for Education and Industrial Relations.

Fees for using a school site for caravan and camping should recover all costs to the school unless there is a non-cash benefit to the school. The Principal has the authority to set the fee structure and any reductions or exemptions, with all decisions being open, transparent and accountable.



It is the Principal’s responsibility to ensure that the risk to the school is minimised and is not compromised by permitting the use of facilities for a use other than delivering educational services.



  1. Complete the Management of Caravans and Camping on School Sites: Brief to be issued to users for camping purposes.
  2. Administration of the Agreement to Hire Facilities with users.
  3. Manage the school site in accordance with the Management of Caravans and Camping on School Sites: Brief and the Agreement to Hire Facilities.
  4. Monitor the use of school grounds and carry out random checks of compliance with instructions provided to the users.

Regional Directors:

  1. Ensure Principals are undertaking an appropriate level of risk management prior to and in relation to permitting the use of school grounds for camping purposes during school holidays.

Regional Facilities Staff:

  1. Provide advice to Principals in relation to appropriate use of school sites for camping purposes and for compliance with local council rules and regulations.
  2. Provide advice regarding the number of campers permitted on the school site to the space available and the number of amenities provided.
  3. Provide advice regarding an appropriate fee for caravanning and camping on the school site.
  4. Regional staff to carry out random checks to ensure that camping activities at state schools in their Region are being conducted appropriately and in accordance with this procedure.

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