Integrity policies and procedures

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The Department of Education is committed to the maintenance of high standards of integrity, conduct and fiduciary responsibility. This is managed through a collection of tools (legislation, policies, procedures, etc.), which together determine how the department and its staff are to behave on a daily basis, and that help the us to build an integrity-based culture that will resist fraud and corruption.

​Policy ​Implementation date ​Scope Version​
​​Appropriate and ethical use of public resources        ​20/12/2019 ​Department-wide and Parents
and Citizens’ Associations​
​​Enterprise risk management 04/02/2020 Department-wide 2.2

​Procedure ​Implementation date ​Scope Version​
​Enterprise risk management​               ​06/02/2020 Department-wide​ ​7.3
​Reporting fraud and corruption             04/02/2020 Department-wide​          2.2