All DoE procedures

Corporate communication and marketing procedures relate to all types of corporate communication, including advertising and sponsorship and the use of social media.

Finance procedures provide information and tools that will assist staff in fulfilling their financial obligations for schools or DoE work units.

Human resource management procedures describe responsibilities and processes in relation to recruitment and employment arrangements, employee entitlements, workforce management, staff development and health, safety and wellbeing within DoE workplaces.

Information and Technologies procedures assist the use of information and ICT management systems to monitor performance, inform decision-making, improve resource agility and productivity, support knowledge sharing and facilitate open and transparent communication.

The Infrastructure procedures relate to the department's infrastructure and other asset related priorities. These procedures include disaster and emergency management, school security, and operations such as maintenance and the management of departmental facilities and supporting assets, such as resource replacement and fleet vehicles.

Legal and Governance procedures relate to the processes and structures that enable the department to comply with its legal requirements (including common law, legislation, codes and standards) and for the department to administer its responsibilities and the powers granted to it.​