School Community current procedures

School Community procedures are concerned with the establishment and maintenance of safe and supportive school environments.

School Education procedure categories

School Community Procedures - 8 procedures found.
ProcedureAscendingImplementation DateScopeVersion
Allegations Against Employees in the Area of Student Protection03-03-2015 Department-wide 2.2
Disclosing Personal Information to Law Enforcement Agencies28-01-2015 Department-wide 3.2
Information Sharing Under Child Protection Act 199924-08-2015 Department-wide 4.2
Management of Prescribed Contagious Conditions29-04-2015 All state schools 5.0
Pre-Prep in State Schools in Identified Indigenous Communities24-02-2015State schools in identified indigenous communities3.0
Release of Personal Student Information to Operators of School Bus Services17-10-2012 All state schools 3.1
School Councils09-04-2015 All state schools 1.6
Student Protection23-02-2015 All state schools 7.2