Outside School Hours Care

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All state schools


Section 47 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 enables usage of a school’s premise for any purpose.

This procedure provides the steps that schools must follow for Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) service to be provided on a school site.​​


​Schools may engage an Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) provider as an affordable service for the students and parents of the school and local community. The school, however, is not the provider of the service and this procedure does not govern the day-to-day management of OSHC services by providers.

The agreement with the OSHC provider will run for a period of five years, with the potential to extend for another two, two year terms. The service is required to go out to tender every nine years or more frequently as required, with formal reviews undertaken at key junctures.

OSHC service providers must comply with relevant legislation and directives with regard to the establishment and operation of the program.

There are three key features of the procedure:

  1. A focus on quality in the provider selection process.
  2. An optional co-investment contribution (in-kind and monetary).
  3. A two-step tender process, with P&Cs offered the first opportunity before the tenders are invited from both not-for-profit and commercial providers.

The use of DET school sites for OSHC, including maintenance, condition assessments and upgrades is governed by the terms outlined in the OSHC agreement.

DET Office of Early Childhood Education and Care (OECEC) is the regulatory authority in Queensland, responsible for the approval, monitoring and regulation of OSHC services, as specified in the Education and Care Services National Law and the Education and Care Services National Regulations.


​Principal is responsible for the OSHC tendering process and will liaise with DET Corporate Procurement to obtain Invitation to Offer documentation.


Principals are to follow processes outlined in the Principals’ Checklist when establishing or tendering an OSHC service.

When a school decides to tender their OSHC service delivery, a two-step preferential process is to occur.

STEP 1: P&Cs are offered the first opportunity to operate an OSHC service on the site. The P&C cannot sub-licence use of the premises or operation of the OSHC service in its entirety to be eligible for first preference.

Step 2 is instigated where:

  • the P&C proposes to engage service providers in delivery of OSHC services and the value of such services exceeds 5% of the OSHC annual revenue or 
  • the P&C declines to operate the OSHC service.

STEP 2: An open tender process is implemented for all providers, not-for-profit and commercial. Principals are to contact DET Corporate Procurement Branch to obtain relevant documents.​

Where a review of the outcome of a procurement process is requested, this will be led by Corporate Procurement Branch in consultation with the Regional Director.

Infrastructure Strategy, Research and Performance Branch will manage any requests by OSHC providers to construct a purpose built facility or place a temporary building on DET land.

Approved OSHC Providers are to follow the General Information and Provider Considerations.

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Approved Provider 
An approved provider is a person/legal entity who holds a provider approval. Receiving provider approval from the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care (OECEC) is a prerequisite to operating one or more approved OSHC services.

National Quality Framework 
The National Quality Framework incorporates:

  • a national legislative framework that consists of the Education and Care Services National Law (2010) and the Education and Care Services National Regulations (2011)
  • the National Quality Standard (the NQS) intended to encourage continuous quality improvement in education and care services
  • a national quality rating and assessment process
  • streamlined regulatory arrangements
  • the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), the national entity overseeing the changes to education and care in Australia.​