Teacher Placements in Industry

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To provide guidelines for Principals and teachers in regard to requirements for Teacher Placements in Industry. This activity supports teachers to maintain currency to teach accredited Vocational Education and Training courses, and other teachers in curriculum areas to link student learning and teaching with the world of work.​


​Teacher Placements in Industry assist in enhancing school-industry partnerships. The placement may be in the private or public sector, community service or welfare organisations.



  • ensure the eligibility ​of teachers to  undertake Teacher Placements in Industry and manages the process to maintain teachers’ currency to teach Vocational Education courses.


  • identify objectives and outcomes of participation of Teacher Placements in Industry, maintaining currency to teach Vocational Education and Training courses.



  • establish a transparent application process within the school
  • determine eligibility of applicants to participate
  • ensure appropriateness of setting into which teacher is to be placed
  • determine whether proposed placement may involve the use of, or further development of, intellectual property owned by Education Queensland and seek specialist advice from Education Queensland
  • approve application for teacher placement up to 6 months (cumulative) duration
  • recommend extension of placement exceeding 6 months to Director-General (or nominated delegate)
  • ensure Agreement covering Teacher Placement in Industry be completed, signed and copy lodged with Education Queensland prior to commencement
  • convene a mid-placement meeting with relevant industry representative and participant for an interim and informal evaluation of progress with placement during long-term placements
  • notify relevant business, industry or enterprise if a teacher needs to withdraw from a placement
  • ensure Evaluation of Teacher Industry Placement Form B is completed and distributed as outlined at the end of the form, within three weeks of completion of placement
  • ensure claim procedures are followed in the event of an accident or other incident subject to insurance cover
  • keep records of all claims
  • ensure no party protected by the Insurance/Public Liability Policy admits liability
  • forward immediately any summons, writ or legal demand associated with a claim to Education Queensland
  • facilitate and promote opportunities for teachers who complete a placement to contribute to curriculum and or resource development, and to share expertise and experience with other teachers and school administrators.

Participating Teachers

Prior to the placement:

  • identify how industry placement will be of benefit to themselves and their teaching
  • adopt a planned approach to the placement, including working collaboratively with the principal and relevant industry representatives
  • establish times for official briefing or interactive sessions during the placement
  • agree to keep confidential any information that is disclosed to them in confidence by the host organisation and accept any confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement reasonably required by the host
  • become fully conversant with relevant workplace health and safety requirements.

During the placement:

  • work towards achievement of objectives and outcomes established for placement
  • negotiate a working relationship with industry colleagues
  • meet regularly with appropriate industry representatives for debriefing or interactive sessions
  • meet with principal or nominee and relevant industry representative for an interim informal evaluation of progress with placement where full-time placement exceeds three months
  • take opportunities to increase industry's understanding of educational processes
  • conform to the department's Code of Conduct applicable to all official duties which includes their placement in industry
  • refer any conflict between the requirements of the department's Code Of Conduct and the requirements of the placement in industry to the department for resolution (through the principal)
  • contact the principal immediately if unable to continue with placement after its commencement (e.g. through illness or through problems experienced within workplace).

In the event of an accident during placement:

On completion of the placement:

  • complete the Evaluation of Teacher Industry Placement Form B and distribute as outlined at end of the form within six weeks of completion of placement
  • contribute to relevant curriculum and or resource development or revision at the school
  • share expertise and experience with other teachers and school administrators in the school, district or state.

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