School Management current procedures

School Management procedures provide guidance in relation to the operational functions of schools, as well as the services and programs they offer.

School Education procedure categories

School Management Procedures - 33 procedures found.
ProcedureAscendingImplementation DateScopeVersion
Access to Records Held in Schools28-09-2015Students, Parents and Carers, Schools and Educators, Other – Members of the community, Employees3.1
Administration of Medications in Schools19-01-2016 All state schools 5.0
Adult Supervision of Pre-Set Learning04-12-2014 All state schools 2.1
Allocation of State Education29-01-2015 All state schools 3.3
Animals in Queensland State Schools22-01-2016 All state schools 4.1
Bypass Schools - Financial Assistance for Eligible Rural and Remote Students (To Live Away From Home to Access Education)15-01-2016 All state schools 3.5
Classification (Streaming) Information on Principal and other Promotional Teaching Positions27-03-2014 All state schools 2.1
Complaints Management - State Schools24-03-2015Students, parents/carers, members of the public2.3
Distance Education Enrolment Fees23-12-2015 All state schools 5.6
Enrolment in State Primary, Secondary and Special Schools17-11-2015 All state schools 5.12
Exemptions from Compulsory Schooling and Compulsory Participation06-02-2015All state and non-state schools.3.6
Flexible Arrangements for School Students10-10-2014All state and non-state schools2.2
Instrumental Music Program09-07-2012All departmental staff, all state schools, principals, Instrumental Music regional coordinators, instrumental music teachers2.0
Livestock on School Grounds29-01-2013 All state schools 1.0
Management of Student Accounts (QSA Learning Accounts)09-07-2012All departmental staff, all state schools, all TAFE, Registered Training Organisations3.0
Management of Students with Specialised Health Needs12-02-2016 All state schools 1.5
Management of the Teacher Relief Scheme (TRS)24-10-2013 All state schools 2.1
Managing Risks in School Curriculum Activities02-02-2016 All state schools 5.3
Managing Student Absences and Enforcing Enrolment and Attendance at State Schools20-11-2015 All state schools 3.15
Mature Age Student Applications08-07-2015 Department-wide 5.1