School Management current procedures

School Management procedures provide guidance in relation to the operational functions of schools, as well as the services and programs they offer.

School Education procedure categories 

​​Interim arrangements as we transition to a redeveloped register

A project has been initiated to improve the register's user friendliness and functionality.
The redesigned register will provide a contemporary approach to store, search, navigate and access departmental policies and procedures.
In the interim, as new policies and procedures are​ being developed with a revised content structure, they can be accessed from the table below.
​Procedure ​Implementation date ​Scope ​Version ​Related policy
​​Access to records held in schools​ ​27/02/2017 ​Refer to procedure ​3.2 ​Nil
Allocation of state education ​17/01/2018 ​All state schools ​4.0 ​Nil
​Animals in Queensland state schools ​11/01/2018 ​All state schools ​5.0 ​Nil
​Bypass schools​ ​11/12/2017 ​Department-wide 4.0 ​Nil
​Disclosing student personal information to operators of school bus services ​07/02/2017 All state schools​ ​4.0 ​Nil
​Distance education enrolment fees ​26/04/2018 ​All state schools ​6.0 ​Nil
Enrolment in state primary, secondary and special schools​ ​13/10/2017 ​All state schools ​6.0 ​​Nil
​Exemptions from compulsory schooling and compulsory participation​ ​14/06/2018 ​Refer to procedure ​​4.1 ​Nil
Fee waiver for dependant students of temporary visa holders ​30/05/2018 ​Refer to procedure ​1.5 ​Nil
​Hosting outside school hours care services on state school sites​ 09/12/2016​ ​All state schools ​5.0 ​Nil
Agistment of livestock (formerly Livestock on school grounds) ​23/05/2017 ​All state schools ​2.0 ​​Nil
Managing risks in school curriculum activities​​ 24/10/2017 All state schools 5.7 Nil
​Mature age student applications​ ​05/06/2018 ​All state schools ​6.1 ​Nil
​Parents and Citizens' Associations ​22/02/2018 ​Refer to procedure ​5.1 ​Nil
​Refusal to enrol - Risk to safety or wellbeing​ 09/03/2017​ Department-wide​ 3.2​ Nil​
Roll marking in state schools ​23/03/2018 ​All state schools ​4.4 ​Nil
School alerts ​15/02/2018 ​All state schools ​1.0 Nil​
School councils ​17/01/2018 ​Refer to procedure ​2.0 ​Nil
School excursions and international school study tours ​07/08/2018 ​All state schools ​7.1 ​Nil
Student dress code​ ​13/07/2018 All state schools​ 6.0 ​Nil
​Unique student identifier 05/06/2018 ​Refer to procedure ​1.1 ​Nil
Work experience placements for school students 07/08/2018​ ​All schools ​5.4 ​Nil
School Management Procedures - 30 procedures found.
ProcedureAscendingImplementation DateScopeVersion
Access to Records Held in Schools27-02-2017Students, parents and carers, schools and educators, other - members of the community, employees3.2
Administration of Medications in Schools03-08-2017 All state schools 5.1
Agistment of livestock23-05-2017 All state schools 2.0
Allocation of state education17-01-2018 All state schools 4.0
Animals in Queensland state schools11-01-2018 All state schools 5.0
Annual school banding and position classification evaluation for principals and heads of special education services (HOSES)14-06-2018 All state schools 3.0
Bypass schools11-12-2017 Department-wide 4.0
Disclosing student personal information to operators of school bus services07-02-2017 All state schools 4.0
Distance education enrolment fees26-04-2018 All state schools 6.0
Enrolment in State Primary, Secondary and Special Schools13-10-2017 All state schools 6.0
Exemptions from compulsory schooling and compulsory participation14-06-2018All state and non-state schools4.1
Fee waiver for dependant students of temporary visa holders30-05-2018School aged dependants of temporary visa holders who are unable to pay international student fees as charged by the Temporary Residents Admission Centre (TRAC).1.5
Flexible Arrangements for School Students10-10-2014All state and non-state schools2.2
Hosting Outside School Hours Care Services on State School Sites09-12-2016 All state schools 5.0
Management of Students with Specialised Health Needs27-06-2016 All state schools 1.6
Managing Risks in School Curriculum Activities24-10-2017 All state schools 5.7
Managing Student Absences and Enforcing Enrolment and Attendance at State Schools01-09-2017 All state schools 4.5
Mature age student applications05-06-2018 All state schools 6.1
Parents and Citizens' Associations22-02-2018All state schools, outdoor and environmental education centres, parents, and parents and citizens’ associations.5.1
Refusal to Enrol - Risk to Safety or Wellbeing09-03-2017 All state schools 3.2