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​To manage training contracts which have expired due to notification to complete, extend or cancel the training contract from the Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO) or employer not being received.


​At the end of the nominal term, all registered training contracts for which no completion or cancellation advice has been processed are set to a status of expired.

Supervising registered training organisations (SRTOs) receive a monthly system generated email from apprenticeshipsinfo@qld.gov.au containing the details of training contracts which remain expired three months after the nominal completion date. The SRTO must check the apprentice/trainee records to identify whether a qualification has been issued.

Further action may be required depending on what is determined by the SRTO.


Supervising registered training organisation (SRTO)

  • Check if the registered training contract can be completed
  • Advise the applicable Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider or DET, QLD if aware of any issues that may be impacting –
    • progression of the apprentice/trainee (including notification that the employment arrangements may have ceased)
    • the completion of a registered training contract.

Training Queensland Customer Centre (TQCC), DET, QLD

  • Forward information from the SRTO to the relevant AASN provider or regional office, relating to advice -
    • a qualification has been issued
    • a qualification has not been issued, however one or both parties could be contacted
    • employment has ceased or the training contract should be cancelled
    • an extension form should be but cannot be obtained.

Regional Office, DET, QLD

  • Follow up advice from SRTOs if requested by TQCC.

AASN Provider

  • Follow up advice from SRTOs if requested by TQCC.



If a qualification has been issued -

  • Forward a copy of the signed completion agreement to DET, QLD for processing
  • If the SRTO does not have a copy of a signed completion agreement, and the apprentice/trainee is eligible to complete, arrange for the parties to sign a completion agreement.
    • When signed by all parties, the SRTO must forward to DET, QLD for processing
    • If only one signature can be obtained on the completion agreement, forward the completion agreement and a signed Notice of intent to complete to DET, QLD for processing
    • If no signatures can be obtained relating to the completion agreement or a Notice of intent to complete, DET, QLD must be contacted.

If a qualification has not been issued by the SRTO -

  1. It is possible the employment arrangements have ceased and the department has not been notified.
    • Sections 69 of the Further Education and Training Act 2014 (Qld) requires an SRTO to notify the chief executive (DET, QLD) if an apprentice or trainee is not making the progress required under the training plan. This notification may include instances where the SRTO believes the employment arrangements supporting the apprenticeship or traineeship have ceased. Notifications of this type allow for the necessary action to cancel a training contract to occur prior to the nominal completion date and as such reduce the numbers of training contracts which expire.
  2. The apprenticeship or traineeship is continuing but a request to extend the training contract may not have been received.
    • Contact the applicable AASN provider or DET, Qld to discuss an extension to the training contract.


  • If the SRTO provides DET, QLD with advice they have issued the qualification, refer to a region for follow up regardless of whether the SRTO said they could or could not contact parties
  • If the SRTO provides DET, QLD with advice they have not issued the qualification there are two pathways -
    • if the SRTO could not contact either party no further action or referral
    • if the SRTO could make contact with one or both parties, send to the AASN provider.
  • If the SRTO has advised they believe employment has ceased, or the apprentice or employer has advised the contract is to be cancelled, the relevant information may be sent to the applicable AASN provider to follow up on the cancellation information. The referral will be dependent on the information received from the SRTO as the actions able to be taken by an AASN provider regarding an expired training contract are limited.
  • If the SRTO has advised that the training contract should still be ‘active’ and they have been unsuccessful in obtaining an extension form, the relevant information is to be referred to a region for follow up.

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Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider also known as Apprenticeship Network providers, are contracted by the Queensland Department of Education and Training (DET, Qld) to provide targeted services which deliver tailored advice and support to employers, apprentices and trainees. The AASN provider is the first point of contact for the administration of all training contracts.

Direct Entry Level Training Administration (DELTA)
DET, QLD’s database of registered apprentices and trainees (for internal access only).

Training Queensland Customer Centre (TQCC)
A team within DET, QLD responsible for managing calls received through the Apprenticeships Info link and emails received in the following mailboxes: apprenticeshipsinfo@qld.gov.au, training@det.qld.gov.au and records@det.qld.gov.au.  

Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO)
A registered training organisation that:

  1. accepts a nomination to deliver training and assessment to apprentices or trainees as negotiated and agreed under individual training plans
  2. assesses whether the apprentice or trainee has completed the training and assessment required to be completed under a training plan
  3. when satisfied the apprentice or trainee has completed the training and assessment required, issues the qualification or statement of attainment stated in the training plan, and is a signatory on a completion agreement verifying that all training and assessment required under the training plan has been completed by the apprentice or trainee.

Nominal completion date
The date, indicated on DELTA, which signifies the end of the nominal term for a registered training contract.

Nominal term
The time taken by the majority of apprentices and trainees to complete the training required for an apprenticeship or traineeship.