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This procedure outlines the processes to follow when a supervising registered training organisation (SRTO) discontinues the delivery of training.  It also details how to manage the transition of apprentices and trainees to a new SRTO.​​​


​An SRTO may, from time to time, exit the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector as a result of: 
  • making a business decision to cease offering training for one/several qualifications 
  • voluntarily closing their business 
  • being placed in receivership 
  • altering, losing or voluntarily relinquishing their Pre-Qualified Supplier (PQS) status under the User Choice program 
  • voluntarily withdrawing their scope of registration on the approval of the national regulator, Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA) 
  • not operating in accordance with the conditions of registration, resulting in ASQA applying enforcement powers, which include sanctions
On confirmation that an SRTO is no longer in a position to deliver training, all actions to replace the SRTO are taken as a matter of urgency so as not to place the apprentice or trainee at a disadvantage.
An SRTO is NOT able to withdraw from delivering training as agreed to in the training plan without agreement of all parties to the training plan.


Operational Policy and Regional Assistance Unit (OPRA) - Queensland Department of Education and Training (DET, Qld)
  • confirm whether an SRTO is ceasing training operations
  • if the SRTO has already ceased operations and is no longer able to be contacted, contact the Compliance Operations Unit, ASQA to discuss if ASQA has been successful in obtaining statements of attainment or if ASQA has been provided with sufficient evidence of units of competency completed by students to issue a letter on ASQA’s letterhead for the purposes of evidence for credit transfers. The contact details for ASQA are –
    • Sandra Romyn, Senior Compliance Coordinator (Ph: (08) 8306 8614)
    • Roshan Wilson, Student Records Officer (Ph: (08) 8306 8798)
    • Amanda Breese, Senior Admin Officer (Ph: (08) 8306 8628)
  • facilitate the transition of apprentices or trainees to a new SRTO, including the provision of advice to DET, Qld regional offices, if necessary, on the process for apprentices/trainees to obtain outstanding statements of attainment either from the SRTO or from ASQA
  • if the cessation of an SRTO’s operations was determined through a status change on (TGA) as per normal monitoring processes, follow the work instructions for ‘Cancelled or non-current SRTOs process’ published on DET, Qld’s internal internet site, Sharepoint.
Regional Office - DET, Qld
  • inform, assist and report to the OPRA unit about any information and outcomes regarding an SRTO ceasing training operations
  • when confirmed, notify and work with the employer and apprentice/trainee to replace the SRTO
VET Contract Management and Performance (VETCM&P) - DET, Qld
  • inform and assist the OPRA unit about any information and outcomes regarding an SRTO ceasing training operations
  • assist OPRA to communicate with SRTOs who hold a PQS agreement 
Training Queensland Customer Centre (TQCC) - DET, Qld
  • If a TQCC officer receives a phone call about an alleged closure or ceasing training operations of an SRTO, if it is not known that the SRTO is ceasing operations, TQCC must:
    • advise the caller that the information must be verified
    • immediately verify the information as per TQCC's protocol 'Australian Skills Quality Authority', section 'Allegation of an RTO closing down'
    • inform the OPRA unit.
Supervising Registered Training Organisation  
  • Inform the contract manager in DET, Qld in writing, if there is a PQS agreement in place, of any changes to their operations
  • inform and assist the employers and apprentices and trainees impacted by the change to determine a replacement SRTO
  • complete any eligible apprentices or trainees who are entitled to be issued with a qualification
  • provide the apprentice/trainee with any outstanding statements of attainment and update the training record to reflect the training undertaken, both structured and on-the-job components by the apprentice/trainee since the previous update.
The Apprentice/Trainee
  • Contact DET, Qld through Apprenticeships Info on 1800 210 210 or email about any information with regard to the status of an SRTO
  • If it is confirmed that an SRTO is ceasing operations, contact the SRTO to update the training record, and discuss options to complete the apprenticeship/traineeship and obtain a statement of attainment
  • If the SRTO has already ceased operations and is unable to be contacted, contact ASQA, if necessary, in relation to obtaining evidence of units of competency completed
  • In conjunction with the employer, select a new SRTO and notify the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider or DET, Qld using the approved form, ATF-010 Change of SRTO form​
The Employer
  • Contact DET, Qld through Apprenticeships Info on 1800 210 210 or email about any information in regard to the status of the SRTO. 
  • If it is confirmed the SRTO is ceasing operations, ensure the apprentices/trainee's training record is updated to reflect the training undertaken since the previous update
  • In conjunction with the apprentice/trainee, select a new SRTO and notify the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider or DET, Qld using the approved form: ATF-010 Change of SRTO form
Market Quality Unit - DET, Qld
  • inform the OPRA unit of any information about an SRTO ceasing training operations


Confirming the status of an SRTO
When confirming whether or not the SRTO has closed, different circumstances require OPRA to communicate with different parties. 
  • If the SRTO has a PQS agreement, OPRA will work in collaboration with VET Contract Management and Performance (VETCM&P) 
  • If there is a fee for service SRTO provider, OPRA will request assistance from the relevant DET, Qld regional office, which may include visiting the business location for any signs of closure
  • If the SRTO is located interstate, OPRA will communicate directly with the SRTO. 
If, after enquiries are made, it is determined that the SRTO is not closing, OPRA will immediately notify all relevant stakeholders.
OPRA must consider the location of the SRTO and the apprentices and trainees when developing a resolution strategy that may include:
  • nominating one region only, where the impacted apprentices and trainees are located within one region 
  • nominating one region as a lead region where the impacted apprentices and trainees are located in more than one region, however, the majority are located in one region 
  • organising a coordinated approach where the impacted apprentices and trainees are located in multiple regions. 
Transitioning existing apprentices/trainees to a new SRTO 
The DET, Qld regional office will:
  • ​if requested by OPRA, notify the employers, apprentices and trainees, parent/s (if applicable and appropriate) and school that their current nominated SRTO can no longer provide the training and assessment services, record actions in DELTA and monitor progress (create a bring-up) to ensure a replacement SRTO is selected 
  • If appropriate, arrange a visit to the workplace, particularly where it is identified that an employer has a number of apprentices and trainees with the SRTO to provide advice and assistance on replacing the SRTO 
  • provide advice on the process for obtaining outstanding statements of attainment either from the SRTO, or evidence from (ASQA) of units completed – refer to:
  • notify OPRA when all apprentices/trainees have been transitioned to a new SRTO.
OPRA provides confirmation of the SRTO status, a list of the apprentices/trainees impacted by the change as well as progress reports to the following key stakeholders:
  • Director, Training, DET, Qld regions 
  • Director, VETCM&P (User Choice) 
  • DELTA Helpdesk 
  • Director, Training Queensland Customer Centre 
  • Market Quality Unit to action any outstanding audit requirements that the SRTO must meet to ensure compliance with their PQS agreement 
  • Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider to action any unprocessed training contracts which nominate the SRTO to facilitate the renegotiation of an SRTO.

When OPRA is compiling a list of all apprentices and trainees impacted by the change, ensure the following information is included:

  • training contract registration number
  • home and postal address details of the apprentice/trainee
  • qualification
  • parent details (where applicable)
  • school (where applicable)
  • employer name and postal address details
  • group list of names by region/district cohort

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​Approved form  a form approved by the chief executive.

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider – AASN providers, also known as Apprenticeship Network providers, are contracted by the Queensland Department of Education and Training (DET, Qld) to provide targeted services which deliver tailored advice and support to employers, apprentices and trainees. The AASN provider is the first point of contact for the administration of all training contracts. 

CRM  Client Relationship Management system used to capture information on all client and stakeholder queries and correspondence.
DET, Qld - Queensland Department of Education and Training.
DELTA  Direct Entry Level Training Administration, DET, Qld's database of registered apprentices and trainees (for internal access only).
Pre-Qualified Supplier (PQS) – A Registered Training Organisation approved by DET, Qld as a PQS to deliver publicly-funded User Choice training and assessment services.
Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO) – is a Registered Training Organisation that:
  1. accepts a nomination to deliver training and assessment to apprentices or trainees as negotiated and agreed under individual training plans
  2. assesses whether the apprentice or trainee has completed the training and assessment required to be completed under a training plan
  3. when satisfied the apprentice or trainee has completed the training and assessment required, issues the qualification or statement of attainment stated in the training plan, and is a signatory on a completion agreement verifying that all training and assessment required under the training plan has been completed by the apprentice or trainee.
Market Quality Unit  audit Pre-Qualified Suppliers
Training Queensland Customer Centre (DET, Qld) (TQCC)  is responsible for managing calls received through the Apprenticeships Info line and emails received in the mailboxes, and