TAFE Queensland current procedures

Procedures for TAFE Queensland institutes, including for admissions, fees and charges, training delivery and assessment, governance, and information and communications technology.

Training and Employment procedure categories

TAFE Queensland Procedures - 21 procedures found.
ProcedureAscendingImplementation DateScopeVersion
Admission of Young Persons into TAFE Queensland Institutes27-03-2014TAFE Queensland Institutes2.0
Clinical Placement Procedure12-08-2013TAFE Queensland Institutes1.1
Fee Waiver for Dependent Students of Temporary Visa Holders28-03-2013Dependant students of Temporary Visas in Queensland state schools1.2
Funding and Fees for 17 Year Olds and Under 12-08-2013TAFE Queensland Institutes1.1
Intellectual Property for TAFE Queensland Institutes11-02-2014TAFE Queensland Institutes1.3
Price Leveraging12-08-2013TAFE Queensland Institutes1.1
Price Leveraging Delivery Package12-08-2013TAFE Queensland Institutes1.1
Retention of Operating Surpluses by Non-Statutory TAFE Institutes and Semi-Commercial Business Units13-08-2013TAFE Queensland Institutes1.1
Student Refund13-08-2013TAFE Queensland Institutes1.1
TAFE Institute Councils13-08-2013TAFE Queensland Institutes1.1
TAFE Live Work (activity that involves teaching staff, students or work outputs coming into contact with the community) 19-08-2013TAFE Queensland Institutes1.3
TAFE Queensland Broadcast Email29-01-2014TAFE Queensland Institutes1.2
TAFE Queensland Institutes and Statutory TAFE Institutes Product Embargo22-08-2013TAFE Queensland Institutes1.1
TAFE Queensland Issuing Results and Awards09-01-2014TAFE Queensland Institutes2.0
TAFE Queensland Performance Level Assessment31-07-2013TAFE Queensland Institutes2.0
TAFE Queensland Recognition22-08-2013TAFE Queensland Institutes1.1
TAFE Queensland Staff Training and Recognition22-08-2013TAFE Queensland Institutes1.1
TAFE Queensland Storage and Administration of Medication for Students02-12-2013TAFE Queensland Institutes1.0
Transition and Teach Out (Exceptional Circumstances)22-08-2013TAFE Queensland Institutes1.1
Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners20-12-2013TAFE Queensland Institutes2.0