Policy instruments updates

The policy instrument updates list provides information on recent changes to the Policy and Procedure Register. This includes upcoming procedures, decommissioned policy instruments, new policy instruments and significantly reviewed policy instruments.


New policy instruments

​Policy instrument title ​Implementation date
Customer complaints management - Managing unreasonable complainant conduct ​07/01/2020
ICT asset management policy ​​18/12/2019
ICT asset management procedure ​18/12/2019
Continuing education accelerated advancement (qualifications) entitlement​ ​13/11/2019
Customer complaints management - Internal review procedure ​15/10/2019
State special school enrolment (additional requirements) procedure ​20/09/2019
Teacher housing policy ​30/08/2019
Centralised register for regulated home-based care services - User access and management procedure ​22/08/2019
Budget development and management policy ​26/07/2019
Budget development and management procedure ​26/07/2019
Safety and wellbeing of students residing at a state school operated residential boarding facility procedure ​15/07/2019
Financial internal controls policy ​01/07/2019
Representative school sport financial arrangements policy ​25/06/2019

Upcoming policy instruments

The upcoming policy instruments list contains policy instruments for information purposes only to enable affected stakeholders to plan and prepare for implementation. These new or substantially reviewed policy instruments​ are scheduled for implementation in the coming months.
​The implementation date is clearly identified for each policy instrument on this list.
In the interim, it is important for staff and stakeholders to continue to refer to the current version published on the Policy and Procedure Register.

Policy instrument title​ ​Implementation date ​Version number Replacing ​

Significantly reviewed policy instruments

The following policy instruments have recently undergone a review process and a revised version has been published.

​Policy instrument title ​Implementation date ​Version number
Social media for school and departmental promotion ​17/01/2020 ​4.0
School excursions and international school study tours ​17/01/2020 7.4​​​
Managing student absences and enforcing enrolment and attendance at state schools​ ​10/01/2020 ​5.0
State special school enrolment (additional requirements) ​08/01/2020 ​1.1
Textbook and Resource Allowance​ (TRA) procedure ​02/01/2020 ​5.1
Student R​esource Scheme (SRS) procedure ​02/01/2020 ​4.2
Appropriate and ethical use of public resources policy ​20/12/2019 ​2.1
Purchasing and procurement procedure ​02/12/2019 ​9.0
Assistance animals and support animals at school procedure  ​25/10/2019 ​6.0
Criminal history check procedure ​23/10/2019 ​5.0
Customer complaints management policy ​15/10/2019 ​2.0
Customer complaints management framework ​15/10/2019 N/A​
Customer complaints management procedure​ ​15/10/2019 2.0​
Transfer at level procedure ​11/10/2019 ​2.2
Information sharing under the Child Protection Act 1999 (Qld) procedure ​16/09/2019 ​8.0
​​Animals in Queensland state schools procedure​ ​16/07/2019 ​5.1
Employee separation procedure ​10/07/2019 ​2.1
Debt management procedure ​08/07/2019 ​4.0
Loans sought by Parents and Citizens' Associations procedure ​01/07/2019 ​4.0
School recovery processes for school-purchased labour procedure 01/07/2019 ​4.1
​​Obtaining and managing student and individual consent procedure ​​​19/06/2019 ​6.3
Enterprise Risk Management Framework ​03/06/2019 ​N/A
Enterprise risk management policy ​03/06/2019 ​2.1
Enterprise risk management procedure ​03/06/2019 ​7.1


Decommissioned policy instruments​

​Policy instrument title ​Decommissioned date ​Replaced by