Policy Instruments Updates

The Policy Instrument Updates list provides information on recent changes to the Policy and Procedure Register. This includes upcoming procedures, decommissioned policy instruments, new policy instruments and significantly reviewed procedures.​

New policy instruments

Decommissioned policy instruments

​Policy instrument title ​Decommissioned date Replaced by​
​School Swimming Clubs 18/04/2016​ Asset Maintenance and School Swimming Pool Operation
Parents and Citizens' Associations - State Schools​
​Financial Practices in Schools and Other Education Centres ​23/12/2016 ​N/A

Upcoming procedures
The Upcoming Procedures list contains procedures for information purposes only to enable affected stakeholders to plan and prepare for implementation. These new or substantially reviewed procedures are scheduled for implementation in the coming months.

​The implementation date is clearly identified for each procedure on this list.

In the​ interim, it is important for staff and stakeholders to continue to refer to the current version published on the Policy and Procedure Register.

​Policy instrument title ​Implementation date ​​Version number

Significantly reviewed policy instruments

The following procedures have recently undergone a review process, and a revised version has been published.

​Policy instrument title ​Implementation date ​Version number
Disclosing student personal information to operators of school bus services ​07/02/2017 ​4.0
Roll Marking in State Schools ​11/07/2016 ​4.0
​Managing Student Absences and Enforcing Enrolment and Attendance at State Schools​ ​11/07/2016 ​4.0
Student Protection ​01/07/2016 ​8.0
​Working with Children Check - Blue Cards​ ​01/04/2016 ​3.0