Policy instruments updates

The policy instrument updates list provides information on recent changes to the Policy and Procedure Register. This includes upcoming procedures, decommissioned policy instruments, new policy instruments and significantly reviewed policy instruments.

New policy instruments

​Policy instrument title ​Implementation date
​Business continuity management framework​ ​12/10/2018
​Business continuity management policy ​12/10/2018
Implementing a business continuity management procedure ​12/10/2018
Health, safety and wellbeing incident management procedure ​08/10/2018
Social media policy ​29/06/2018
Leave policy ​21/06/2018
Purchased leave and deferred salary scheme procedure ​21/06/2018
Recognition of qualifications procedure ​21/06/2018
​Maintenance of areas outside the school grounds procedure ​20/06/2018
Management and completion of mandatory all-staff training ​13/06/2018
Managing employee complaints policy ​08/06/2018
Employee performance, professional development and recognition policy ​08/06/2018
Preventing workplace bullying, sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination policy ​08/06/2018
Recruitment and selection policy ​07/06/2018
​Policy Management Framework ​18/05/2018
Policy and procedure management policy ​18/05/2018
Policy and procedure development and improvement cycle procedure ​18/05/2018
​School alerts procedure ​15/02/2018
Unique student identifier procedure ​25/01/2018

Decommissioned policy instruments​

​Policy instrument title ​Decommissioned date ​Replaced by
​Health and safety incident investigation procedure ​08/10/2018 Health, safety and wellbeing incident management procedure
​​Health and safety incident recording, notification and management procedure ​08/10/2018 Health, safety and wellbeing incident management procedure
​Remote Area Incentives Scheme (RAIS) procedure ​24/07/2018 ​​Remote Area Incentive Scheme (RAIS) - guideline
​Communication Allowance for Teacher Aides procedure ​17/07/2018 Communication allowance - Teacher aides - factsheet
​Adult supervision of pre-set learning procedure ​04/07/2018 Adult supervision of pre-set learning - factsheet
​Non-contact Time - Primary, Special and Early Childhood Teachers procedure ​02/07/2018 Non-contact time - factsheet
Bus and Playground Duty for Teacher Aides procedure ​29/06/2018 Bus and playground duty - teacher aides - factsheet
​Relief Provisions for School Support Staff procedure ​29/06/2018 ​Relief replacement of school based non-teaching staff - factsheet
​Management of the Teacher Relief Scheme (TRS) procedure ​29/06/2018 Teacher Relief Scheme - Sick Special Emergent (TRS-SSE) - factsheet

Purchased Leave procedure
Deferred Salary Scheme procedure


Purchased leave and deferred salary scheme procedure
​Workplace Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Violence procedure ​08/06/2018 Preventing workplace bullying, sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination policy

Upcoming procedures

The upcoming procedures list contains procedures for information purposes only to enable affected stakeholders to plan and prepare for implementation. These new or substantially reviewed procedures are scheduled for implementation in the coming months.

​The implementation date is clearly identified for each procedure on this list.

In the interim, it is important for staff and stakeholders to continue to refer to the current version published on the Policy and Procedure Register.

​Policy instrument title ​Implementation date ​Version number Replacing ​





Significantly reviewed policy instruments

The following policy instruments have recently undergone a review process and a revised version has been published.

​Policy instrument title ​Implementation date ​Version number
​Developing a business continuity plan procedure ​12/10/2018 ​4.0
​Supporting students' mental health and wellbeing procedure ​05/10/2018 ​3.0
​Reasonable adjustments procedure ​04/10/2018 4.0​
Pre-Prep/Kindergarten in state schools in identified​ Indigenous communities procedure ​05/09/2018 ​4.0
Use of ICT systems procedure ​22/08/2018 ​1.1

Reporting contact with lobbyists procedure

​17/07/2018 ​3.0
Student dress code procedure ​13/07/2018 ​6.0
​Parental leave procedure ​13/07/2018 ​4.0
School cleaners emergency call out procedure ​29/06/2018 ​3.0
Management of teacher secondments to non-teaching roles including Education officers - special duties (EOSD) procedure ​26/06/2018 ​3.0
Employee separation procedure ​22/06/2018 ​2.0
​Relocation of classified teachers (school leaders and heads of program) procedure ​22/06/2018 ​3.0
​Recruitment of classified teacher positions (school leaders and heads of program) procedure ​22/06/2018 ​3.0
Management of salary related overpayments procedure ​19/06/2018 ​3.0
Making and managing a public interest disclosure procedure ​18/06/2018 ​3.0
Reporting fraud and corruption procedure ​15/06/2018 ​2.0
Unattach from position procedure ​15/06/2018 ​4.0
Relinquish from position procedure ​15/06/2018 ​3.0
​Annual school banding and position classification evaluation for principals and heads of special education services (HOSES) procedure ​14/06/2018 ​3.0
Recognition of prior service - teachers procedure ​13/06/2018 ​4.0
Criminal history check procedure ​11/06/2018 ​4.0
Managing employee complaints procedure ​08/06/2018 ​3.0
​Transfer at level procedure ​08/06/2018 ​2.1
Health, safety and wellbeing committees procedure ​07/06/2018 ​5.0
Managing first aid in the workplace procedure ​01/06/2018 ​4.0
Senior education and training (SET) planning procedure ​30/05/2018 ​5.0
Home education in Queensland procedure ​29/05/2018 ​5.0
Working with children check - blue cards procedure ​25/05/2018 ​3.2
​Distance education enrolment fees procedure ​26/04/2018 ​6.0
Managing delegations, authorisations and administrative approvals procedure​ ​25/01/2018 ​4.0
Student dress code procedure​ ​17/01/2018 ​5.0
​Allocation of state education procedure ​17/01/2018 ​4.0
​Exemptions from compulsory schooling and compulsory participation procedure​ 17/01/2018​ 4.0​
School councils procedure ​17/01/2018 ​2.0
​Mature age student applications procedure​ ​16/01/2018 ​6.0
​School excursions and international school study tours procedure ​16/01/2018 ​​7.0
Management of contagious conditions procedure ​15/01/2018 ​6.0
Animals in Queensland state schools procedure​ ​11/01/2018 ​5.0
​Parents and Citizens' Associations procedure ​04/01/2018 ​5.0